Kuba Banaszek is a graduate of the Radom Music School and Academy of Music in Cracow, the class of jazz piano led by dr hab. Joachim Mencel. Distincted at the School & Jazz Festival in Lubaczow (2013) and at the Azoty Jazz Contest in Tarnow (2013). Participant of the JazzO project (Warsaw 2013). Winner of the 3rd prize at the 2nd Festival of Jazz Improvisation and Interpretation “Jazz na Wsi” (Chodów, 2013). He has presented his own compositions inspired by polish folk music at the 2nd Festiwal Kontrolowany in Radom (2014). First Prize winner of the 9th Young Performers of Jazz Music Review – Novum Jazz Festival (Łomża, 2016). With the Kuba Banaszek Quartet, winner of the main prize of the 21st Review of the Young Jazz & Blues Bands at the Gdynia Sax Club (Gdynia, 2018). Awarded at the same competition as an instrumentalist. In addition, this year are more awards earned with KBQ – 1st prize at the 5th Blue Note Poznań Competition, and 2nd prize at the RCK Pro Jazz Festival in Kołobrzeg. In October Kuba earned an individual award at the 17th Krokus Jazz Festival in Jelenia Góra. In 2019 Kuba and his quartet won Grand Prix of the Jazz Individuality Competition as part of the Jazz on the Oder.