Kuba Banaszek Quartet is boldly marking their presence on the young Polish jazz scene. They proved their worth by winning the Grand Prix of the Jazz Individuality Competition in April 2019 as part of the 55th Jazz on the Oder River in Wrocław. Their work is characterized by the freshness of the form, both in terms of composition and arrangement. The repertoire is largely composed by the leader, pianist Kuba Banaszek, which by its extraordinary character and way of presenting the story, makes the band’s sound unique and difficult to classify in the context of contemporary jazz music.

The band consists of young and charismatic, already significant musicians: saxophonist Marcin Konieczkowicz, double bass player Tymon Trąbczyński and drummer Maksymilian Olszewski.
In 2018, the band won several international and nationwide competitions::
  • 1st prize at the V Blue Note Poznań Competition
  • 1st prize at the XXI Review of Jazz and Blues Youth Groups in Gdynia
  • 2nd prize at the RCK Pro Jazz Festival competition in Kołobrzeg.
In addition, members of the band have received numerous individual prizes.
In April 2019, the band won the most important prize for them – the Grand Prix of the Jazz Individuality Competition as part of the 55th Jazz on the Oder.
The culmination of their previous work is the material recorded in March 2019. The band is preparing to release a CD and organizes a promotional tour.